Eyes on Me.

When I have been faced with tough times in my life, when the walls seem to be closing in on me, one phrase would always come up on the inside of me. I say “Just keep your eyes on Jesus.” If Jesus is my focus, then nothing else can distract me.

The story of Peter walking on the water inspires my faith because Peter was a regular person just like us. He called out to Jesus and Jesus said to Peter, ‘Come.’ Peter had to decide then to act or not. How often are we faced with that same thing. Peter might have thought ‘okay He said it was him, I’ll just wait till He gets to the boat.’ No Peter acted on His faith!

It probably wasn’t easy stepping over the edge of the boat and out onto the water. It wasn’t a ‘calm as glass’ kinda water either, it was a windy and wavy kinda water. But Peter walked and the story goes on to tell us that Jesus was a ways out from the boat. As Peter walked He kept His eyes on Jesus, but as soon as Peter’s attention turned to the wind and the waves he became afraid and began to sink. Then Peter cried out “Lord I’m sinking!” and immediately Jesus was there to take Peters hand. All Jesus asked Peter was why he had doubted.

I have been in doubt before and when i catch it, i am quick to repent and get back into faith. Doubt is there to trip us up on our faith walk, it can lead us off course and can keep us from taking a step. We all know the storms of life come, Jesus said that they would come. He also said that we could overcome them. How? By keeping our eyes on Jesus. We can put God’s word in our eyes, ears and mouth. We can confess God’s promises over the situations that face us. We can lean on church family who totally get what we’re going through and pray for us. That is how we can act on our faith!

I was at a christian retreat in college many years ago. A girl got up and shared something with the group. She was looking at the stars one night and just praising the Lord. She focused her attention on a specific star and she kept her gaze upon it. All around that star tiny shooting stars would fly by or she would hear the wind in the trees trying to distract her. Inside her, she heard the Lord tell her to just stay focused on that star and don’t look around. I’ve always remembered that story and it reminds me to stay focused on Jesus despite distractions that come and it will keep me on the path the God has for me.

Remember that God has a great path for each of us and by keeping our eyes on Jesus and trusting in Him; He will get us there.

I trust in the Lord with all my heart and I do not rely on my own understanding. I acknowledge the Lord in all my ways, and He promises to direct and make my paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6

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