Thank you for your peace!

Hey everybody! I took a week off in posting, it was actually because I was cat sitting for my parents in my home town for a week. I could not access their internet!!! HA!!! Plus I still had to go to work and do church activities so I was driving a ton of miles. Also the weather was super cold, snowy, and just not pleasant at all. Despite all of that, I had found a wonderful sense of peace through out those days that is truly notable. Do you ever get a chance to feel a peaceful calm in the midst of a crazy busy life? It can pass us by when we need it the most. That’s why I had made it a practice during my long drives to focus on Jesus. Talk to him, give him the things that I didn’t want to hold on too so then instead I could be at peace. ‘You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you.’ That is Isaiah 26:3 the Living translation.

Peace is always there, but we need to keep our focus on it otherwise we can lose it. This peace that comes from God is shalom which interprets to be whole, nothing missing nothing broken. The circumstances that come are what can take our attention off of God’s blessings and keep us from staying in His peace. This can lead to doubt unbelief, and can leave us feeling alone. Why go through life acting alone when the one who cares and loves you the most is closer then you know. We can know that our heavenly Father is always there right when we need him.

When I find that peace is difficult to come by it’s often because I am not walking in thankfulness. What I mean is being thankful in our hearts and mind, and then actually thanking God out loud for what He has given me; my family, my job, my apartment. I thank Him for my church, for His mercy, etc. I thank God for loving me and sending Jesus to save me from eternal life in hell. Once I start thanking and praising God for all that, the peace of God just fills me. It causes me to remember His love for me, it causes me to know He is good and wants good for me. It stirs me up!!!

This last week there was one day in particular that was tougher then normal. It was one of those days where everything tried to get to me. It was like nothing was working that day, but I made it worse by letting it get to me. It was making me lose my focus on God’s peace. Then on a 15 minute break, I was scrolling through Facebook when I came across a post that stopped me in my tracks. A place I used to work a few years back posted about saying a heartfelt goodbye to one of there employees, someone I use to work with! She was a gal a few years older then I, married with three small children. She had passed away; it said tragically and unexpectedly!!! I didn’t really talk to her a whole lot after I stopped working there. I only remember how sweet she was and the laughs we shared when we had worked together.

I thought about her and thought of all she had and of all she will miss now.
It really hit me, harder then I realized. I looked at my own life and what I often take for granted.

How often do we come face to face with what we don’t have and point out what is missing because we base it on what another person has. Then in return we think our lives are incomplete and we fall into longing, then complaining and then envy. We lose our peace over trivial things, we stop being thankful with what we do have and sometimes we can be thankful for what we don’t have . It was then the Lord spoke to me and said “You have a lot to be thankful for, even for the breath in your lungs. Your life is full and complete because of me and I love you!” This made me feel so small and convicted. How often do I take for granted what I have and the life that God has given me?! To just be thankful?!

That night when I got home from that day I was with the Lord and I just opened up in praise and worship, thanking the Him. Thank you God for my family and friends! Thank you for the places I have been and all the awesome things you have done for me! Thank you for all the awesome things I have seen You do through people and for the people who believe in you! Thank you Father God for loving me when I wasn’t lovable; when I couldn’t even love myself!!! Thank you for setting me up for a wonderful eternal future in heaven with you!!! I cried a little too.

Before I went to sleep I lifted her family up in prayer that they would find comfort, peace and to be thankful for the time they had together.

Thank you Jesus, thank you Father God!

Abe thankful for sun!

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