There is a quietness in mind that I can’t deny it’s very noticeable. I am trusting in God and worrying less. I do of course plan and think ahead, but in the present moment is where I long and choose to be instead. When I wake up on a Thursday morning I don’t want to live in the worries of Monday, that would be in vain. When I wake up in the morning I want to live and walk in the present day, come what may. My God knows what Monday looks like ahead, He wants to calm and prepare me for it now not then. He’s got the plan. I will learn to trust in him then when then happens, by choosing to trust in Him now instead. I want to be thankful now. I know I am blessed now. I want to learn and grow from this moment, this day, Now. Why fast forward and let go of the precious time in between. If I use it wisely it can make the difference of victory, laughter and joy versus failure, worry and pain . I choose now, choose now with me.

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