Growth has been on my mind. I am excited for spring to get here. I am so looking forward to seeing the snow melt, the grass and flowers that will start to grow. It’s always a blessing to see growth in myself too.

When I notice that a plant of mine has a new bud or shoot on it, I get excited because that plant is growing and I am doing something right! It’s the same with myself. When I notice that I no longer think a certain way or say something negative when I fail at something or I change a bad habit into a good one. I know I am doing something right because I’m letting the Word of God grow me and in me. If I catch myself being more watchful with my words or I stop letting quilt or offense take hold of me, it’s because I’m letting the truth of God’s word be my comeback instead. It’s powerful. It’s fun!

The gals of my church meet once a month and our Pastor for the last few months has been taking us through some inner self healing classes. We take mirrors and have to look into our eyes. We say out loud to ourselves that we love and accept ourselves etc. Let me say it’s not an easy thing because it’s surprising what comes up in our minds reasons why we shouldn’t be loving and accepting of ourselves. I can be my biggest critic of all and hold myself down by reminding myself of all my past failures and mistakes. I was also taught to put others first before myself and if I only think about myself I’m selfish. How can I love others and be forgiving and caring of others if I can’t practice this on myself first. This inner healing has helped me and my sisters in Christ see ourselves the way God created us to be. He thought He did a very good job when He created us, we are each one of his masterpieces. We are a garden and He wants to see us grow. It’s only by clearing out the junk that holds us down is when we can grow and stretch ourselves in the Lord and He wants us to grow and be closer to Him.

There will be a day this spring when the weather has warmed up enough where I will want to start uncovering the leaves off my little tiny garden patch. When I do I know that I’m going to see tiny green shoots coming up from the ground. I know by clearing away the stuff that fell on it from the autumn before it will help the the plants get the sunshine and fresh air it needs to grow big and eventually bloom. It reminds me of the movie The Secret Garden, when Mary finds the overgrown garden she thought was dead. She starts digging around and uncovers green plants growing underneath. She gets permission from her Uncle to own and tend it. She pours her heart into uncovering every square inch clearing away the old fallen foliage. That was what was preventing it from growing again. She sees to it come back to life!

So I want to encourage you to let the Word of God grow you. Take the time to clear out old hurts and failures. Let yourself be healed with God’s life and love. He see’s what He has created you to be, you are perfect in His eyes. Be healed and blessed to see yourself that way too. Praise God! Growth is awesome! Love you all. Happy Spring!

Abe likes plants and sunshine!

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