Faith Focused

We all have faith and we use faith everyday. I wake up with the alarm on my phone, I turn my lamp on, I start my coffee pot. I use the faucet. I unconsciensly have faith that those things will turn on and work. I go to my job I clock in and when I am done I clock out. I have faith that the hours I put into my daily job will be calculated. When payday comes around I have faith that I will be paid. Faith is working all the time.

The bible talks about faith being a seed and a seed isn’t much good unless sown in the ground. Feeding a seed with water, sunshine and the things to help it grow will produce a healthy plant. We need to feed our faith the way we would feed a plant to help it grow. So what are we feeding our faith with? We can either have faith in fear or faith in God? How is fear fed? What are you paying attention too? I know there are new headlines and new facts coming to us everyday and right now things are changing our everyday normal life sometime overnight!!

I have to admit, when news began about the virus and all that was being affected and who it was affecting was really affecting me negatively. The news and the headlines were everywhere. It was what everyone everywhere was talking about. The Facebook posts I scrolled through were so confusing and even my loved ones spoke with fear in their voices. All of that got extremely loud in my head and was trying to take my focus.

That’s when I had to make a choice to turn my focus and turn the volume up on someone greater and solid. I turned and anchored myself to God’s promises. I let the source of hope, peace and love be my ‘attention taker!’ I made God’s word louder. The hope of the message of Jesus Christ has not changed it is still for today and it needs to be our focus now more then ever!!! It’s not only a message, but an actual covenant which means ‘promise.’

Our heavenly Father gave us a promise that we will be blessed, protected, healthy, provided for etc. if we only keep Him and his word and let that be our focus. This covenant started a long time ago with Abraham. He walked blessed all the days of his life even when He came against strong enemies. He lived and walked this earth with victory because of The Blessing of God. It would have stopped working if Abraham didn’t trust in Gods word. The scripture says in Romans 4:20-21 “Abraham never wavered in believing God’s promise. In fact, his faith grew stronger and in this he brought glory to God. He was fully convinced that God is able to do whatever he promises.” In some translations it says Abraham grew strong in faith as He gave glory to God for what was promised. Just think about it, Abraham didn’t have the bible to read everyday like we do, he just took God at his word. I get into the word everyday and I read what God says about situations that are happening in the world and as I keep putting the word in my eyes and ears it brings faith. Then in the face of that which is a lie or contrary to what the word I can speak the truth. I praise God and my faith grows strong. I can with boldness and confidence speak against any situation. I will remain in peace and joy in these times by keeping my attention on the Word of God only. Let God’s word be your focus starting today.

Focus on ‘Christ in me the Hope of Glory

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