Good morning readers!!! I have a dear friend who just started a blog and that stirred in me to sit down and write as well. Please look her up, Kelly Aul. She is an amazing person with an amazing testimony to share.

So the topic of todays blog is direction. Direction is there everyday, it is what urges us forward all the time. It can be to a interview in hopes to land a new job. It could be to the airport where a airplane awaits to fly you to a new place and new adventure. Direction can lead us to a store cashier who may need some encouragment or smile. It can also be what or how we choose to handle certian situations by directing our thoughts and attitudes to being postive rather than negative that can be what sets the kind of day we will end up having.

When I attempt to give directions to someone I often get confused when giving them. I start by picturing the place they are trying to get to and then with the lefts and rights I tell them to use to get there I get flustered. “Well Sir to get to so and so all you do is turn left at the stop sign, then go 2.7 miles northeast where you will see a giant rock then turn right, but not before you see a building with a big pink sign.” In my heart I dont want people to get lost with my directions. If I happen to be at a store that I go to all the time and someone asks if I know where a certain item is I tell them that it would be easier for me to just lead them to the item. I feel like I did my job when that person has what they were looking for in their hands.

Also though, knowing the kinda person I am I myself don’t like to ask for help in finding something. It’s the adventurous part of me that enjoys searching out and finding that ‘thing’ at the store or taking a trip and not using a map. I enjoy finding it or figuring out all on my own.

There is a stubborn part or me too when I don’t take time getting directions or getting directions and then not following them. But that simple thing could have been the difference between getting lost and stressed out or getting there on time and being in peace. In my walk with God I find that when I don’t take the time to get direction that is when I stumble off the path God has for me. God wants us to have fun and adventure but He wants us to have fun and still be in His plans and stay in His will for our lives. By sticking with God’s plan it can be the assurance us that we stay under His blessings.

Maybe your thinking. ‘I don’t even know what God has planned for me.’

‘I need God to give me direction because I am so lost right now.’

Or your thinking that I am so off God’s plan for my life, how do I get back on?

Trust me I have been there many times where I had to pull off the side of the road to call my dad or a friend to tell me what turn I missed and then help me to get to where I am going. Many times I have to just stop going around and around in the store looking for something and just ask a store clerk. Then the lead me straight to that item looking for.

Praise God, He is always there to get us back on track. We can find his leading by taking time to first get back on a level of intimacy with him where we can know His leading. If I feel a distance with God it’s because I haven’t been spending the right amount of time with Him to have my trust built up in him. Trust is important in any relationship to accept direction. I dont make it complicated either, I simply recommit my heart to him and make time in my schedule to spend alone with him.

I tell you what, it pleases the Father so much when we seek for him because He longs and loves to be found by us. I know my relationship is built up in Him when I have joy and peace because that is His nature and I absorb His nature into myself. Once I have that trust established, His direction is way easier to be heard or found.

It may only get a single step. It may be something I wouldnt normally do in the natural or something I never would have thought to do. It may be one little thing, but sometimes He only gives us one step at a time. And it won’t be until we take that step in faith and do it with our whole heart that He will give us the next step.

If your thinking today that you need direction I urge you to take that beneficial time with God. Get that step. Get back in the plan of God for your life. It may very well be the step that is needed for your breakthrough.

Trust God from the bottom of your heart;
    don’t try to figure out everything on your own.
Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go;
    he’s the one who will keep you on track. Proverbs 3:5-6 (MSG)

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