1 Corinthians 9:24-27

24-25 You’ve all been to the stadium and seen the athletes race. Everyone runs; one wins. Run to win. All good athletes train hard. They do it for a gold medal that tarnishes and fades. You’re after one that’s gold eternally.

26-27 I don’t know about you, but I’m running hard for the finish line. I’m giving it everything I’ve got. No lazy living for me! I’m staying alert and in top condition. I’m not going to get caught napping, telling everyone else all about it and then missing out myself.

The dry seasons and the droughts can come out of no where and they can be very unwelcome.  I admit the last few months I went through a period of drought spiritually.  It was no fun at all. 

This summer in my region we had a drought and not to mention the heavy smoke that blew in from fires from the north of me.  It was so hot all the time to the point where you didn’t want to be out doors.  The grass and plants became brown and shriveled.  We had water restrictions and a burn ban so no sprinklers and no bonfires.  What a dull boring summer to the many who enjoy those activities.

I am a nature lover and as the drought played out I often would wonder what effects it was having on the trees and plants and wildlife in the area. 

“All those poor plants and trees need water they must be really stressed!!!” 

“The poor animals they don’t have hardly any water, they have to be so thirsty!!!”

Then the reasoning side of my brain says, ‘Don’t you remember all the nature shows, discovery channel and National Geographic shows you’ve watched!  Don’t you remember articles you’ve read about the resiliency of nature!  Your practically an expert!’  Oh yeah that’s right I am!!! *wink

So I stop and think for moment and remember nature knows what to do!  Trees have it ingrained in them to not only handle drought seasons but seasons of too much rain as well.  The animals have great instinct of how to handle finding food and water in the toughest of conditions.  I have also read that there are plants that thrive under drought conditions and there are seeds in nature that will only sprout after a drought or even a wild fire! They come back stronger than ever. 

God had this all worked out from the the very beginning.  He created us to be similar to this well thought out plan.

When the dry season took over my life  I went into instinctual survival mode just like plants would do.  I retreated to my safe hiding place in the Lord.  I stored up what I had already from the word and grabbed up all I could. Praise God that I go to a church that has alot of bible studies, so I get fed the word alot and I soaked it up.

The instant more favorable conditons arrive like rain even the smallest amount will bring nature back to life. That is what I needed. I needed to come back to life and what I needed was something so simple but so vital to us as Christians as water and sun are vital to plants.  It was remembering God’s love for me!  I probably went through something I don’t remember what but it made me forget. Then satan can twist things and lie to me so I begin to think I couldnt be loved and that I was unworthy of it.  Praise God though my church gave homework just at the right time! We had to start saying ‘My heavenly Father loves me’ everyday as many times as we remembered to say it.

I tell you I started saying that many times through out my day and it was like the heavens opened up and began pouring down life giving rain. It revives me again.   The lies became weak and my spirit and the truth of who I am began to strengthen.

  It’s amazing to me that God created plants to bloom only after they go through tough conditions like a fire or drought. As Christians our key to survive is to turn and hide ourselves in the Father that should be instinct to us.  Just like the plants store up the things they need. We also absorb and keep stored up all that we can from Gods word and in our devotion times so when the drought times come we are kept safe. Then at the right time we burtst out, set root and grow. 

 So now those bible verses above are my assignment from God.  I will run my course  I will keep training and growing.  I will keep seeking God and I will make it my aim to serve God and know Him through out my time here on earth.

wildflower painting

Stuck no more

God was speaking to me this morning and it shed some light on alot for me and the season I am in. I hope this helps someone else out too.

The places you are stuck in right now are but for a moment. If you look at the bigger picture it will help you get passed the moments that seemed difficult. But remember the moments are now passed so they are past tense.

Now you decide, will you let the past moments tell you how to feel or where to go next? If the last step you took landed you in a mud puddle and there are two puddles next to each other will your next step be toward the second puddle? Are you able to take a step that won’t land you in the second one? Sometimes taking just a few seconds to ask the Holy Spirit where to step next is the difference to having two muddy feet versus one.

And even if you do stumble in to the puddle what will be your response? Will you get angry, sad or depressed? Or will you rejoice, laugh, sing and learn something for when the next puddles come? Puddles will always come. You learn and grow from the stuck places that maybe messy like a mud puddle, and with that accept God’s grace and mercy. Another way is to let studying God’s word prepare you and teach and guide you in how to get over or around them anyway you can. Remember though either way, we are blessed, loved and accepted. You are a treasure in the eyes of Christ.

So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but what is unseen, for what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. 2 Corinthians 4:18

Thank you Jesus for getting me unstuck.


A little something I got from my spirit this morning. Praise God!

Remember don’t run ahead don’t trail behind stay close to me for you are mine. Remember I love you so strongly I won’t ever let you go. Remember you are a fighter and the battle has been won so fight the good fight of faith and stay in my love. Remember you are worthy so you don’t have to be afraid your hand is in my hand I will help you make your stand. Remember you are blessed so you can stay at rest with my peace that surrounds you. Remember I will see you through these times and do all that I said I would do. So shout for joy and walk out your salvation step by step and just remember that by your heavenly father you will always be kept.

But I know that you will welcome me into you house, for I am covered by your covenant of love and mercy. So I come to your sanctuary with deepest awe to bow in worship and adore you. Yahweh lead me in the pathways of your pleasure just like you promised me you would, or else my enemies would conquer me. Smooth out your road in front of me, straight and level so I will know where to walk. Psalm 5:7-8 (TPT)

Time with Jesus well worth every minute.

Good morning readers!!! I have a dear friend who just started a blog and that stirred in me to sit down and write as well. Please look her up, Kelly Aul. She is an amazing person with an amazing testimony to share.

So the topic of todays blog is direction. Direction is there everyday, it is what urges us forward all the time. It can be to a interview in hopes to land a new job. It could be to the airport where a airplane awaits to fly you to a new place and new adventure. Direction can lead us to a store cashier who may need some encouragment or smile. It can also be what or how we choose to handle certian situations by directing our thoughts and attitudes to being postive rather than negative that can be what sets the kind of day we will end up having.

When I attempt to give directions to someone I often get confused when giving them. I start by picturing the place they are trying to get to and then with the lefts and rights I tell them to use to get there I get flustered. “Well Sir to get to so and so all you do is turn left at the stop sign, then go 2.7 miles northeast where you will see a giant rock then turn right, but not before you see a building with a big pink sign.” In my heart I dont want people to get lost with my directions. If I happen to be at a store that I go to all the time and someone asks if I know where a certain item is I tell them that it would be easier for me to just lead them to the item. I feel like I did my job when that person has what they were looking for in their hands.

Also though, knowing the kinda person I am I myself don’t like to ask for help in finding something. It’s the adventurous part of me that enjoys searching out and finding that ‘thing’ at the store or taking a trip and not using a map. I enjoy finding it or figuring out all on my own.

There is a stubborn part or me too when I don’t take time getting directions or getting directions and then not following them. But that simple thing could have been the difference between getting lost and stressed out or getting there on time and being in peace. In my walk with God I find that when I don’t take the time to get direction that is when I stumble off the path God has for me. God wants us to have fun and adventure but He wants us to have fun and still be in His plans and stay in His will for our lives. By sticking with God’s plan it can be the assurance us that we stay under His blessings.

Maybe your thinking. ‘I don’t even know what God has planned for me.’

‘I need God to give me direction because I am so lost right now.’

Or your thinking that I am so off God’s plan for my life, how do I get back on?

Trust me I have been there many times where I had to pull off the side of the road to call my dad or a friend to tell me what turn I missed and then help me to get to where I am going. Many times I have to just stop going around and around in the store looking for something and just ask a store clerk. Then the lead me straight to that item looking for.

Praise God, He is always there to get us back on track. We can find his leading by taking time to first get back on a level of intimacy with him where we can know His leading. If I feel a distance with God it’s because I haven’t been spending the right amount of time with Him to have my trust built up in him. Trust is important in any relationship to accept direction. I dont make it complicated either, I simply recommit my heart to him and make time in my schedule to spend alone with him.

I tell you what, it pleases the Father so much when we seek for him because He longs and loves to be found by us. I know my relationship is built up in Him when I have joy and peace because that is His nature and I absorb His nature into myself. Once I have that trust established, His direction is way easier to be heard or found.

It may only get a single step. It may be something I wouldnt normally do in the natural or something I never would have thought to do. It may be one little thing, but sometimes He only gives us one step at a time. And it won’t be until we take that step in faith and do it with our whole heart that He will give us the next step.

If your thinking today that you need direction I urge you to take that beneficial time with God. Get that step. Get back in the plan of God for your life. It may very well be the step that is needed for your breakthrough.

Trust God from the bottom of your heart;
    don’t try to figure out everything on your own.
Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go;
    he’s the one who will keep you on track. Proverbs 3:5-6 (MSG)

Faith it is

It’s been awhile. I apologize. There has been some big changes that caused a delay in me sitting down to write. I actually have to admit that I have felt uninspired to write as well. I’m always looking for something that will spark something in me and even now I’m still not sure what this blog will end up being about.

The big change in my life that happened about a month ago is that my roommate and I moved to a different address. We live in the same town but the new place is bigger, it’s amazing how God delivered on what we were believing for. It started with a ‘sandwich order.’ After we heard a faith lifting inspiring message at church one Sunday, my roommate and I sat down and wrote down what we would want in a new place. It’s so fun to be able to imagine and dream about all the little details. God wants us to dream big. He is a big God after all. He wants us to have our hearts desire. We then taped it up on our living room wall, it’s a place we would walked past it multiple times a day. We could look at that list and thank God that it was ours. I want to say it was a good year ago we decided to do that. Then you know life goes on, but we stayed in faith.

It wasn’t until a couple months ago that yet another amazing sermon brought our faith levels up and we pressed for this new apartment that we only had seen and believed with our eyes of faith. It was a Sunday or two later that I was scrolling through Facebook and saw a place that looked like it would be worth a look. It was all God at how quick it went. That Sunday we got to see the apartment and the day after we were signing the lease and a month after that we were able to move in. God is so good. We are still amazed at how everything on our list was in this new apartment and more!

If our amazing God can do that for us with an apartment, just let our imaginations go wild at what else He wants to give us! He wants us to ask him for our hearts desires; give him every detail. He wants us to to be in faith that what we prayed and asked Him for is ours. He wants us to thank and praise him for it even when we don’t see it, even when it looks to be all odds are against us. That’s faith! And faith pleases God!!

We can stay in faith by purposefully being in the Word everyday. Let it renew your mind and make you free to the truth. In the days we are facing right now, we need to find a way to get to church that preaches from the bible. We need to keep each other built up and encouraged. If you can’t go to a local church, find one online and plug in. My church is called Love of God Family Church. You can find us on Facebook. Love you and God Bless.

So faith comes from hearing, that is, hearing the Good News about Christ. Romans 10:17 NLT

Now faith brings our hopes into reality and becomes the foundation needed to acquire the things we long for. It is all the evidence required to prove what is still unseen. Hebrews 11:1 TPT

And without faith living within us it would be impossible to please God.[e] For we come to God in faith[f] knowing that he is real and that he rewards the faith of those who give all their passion and strength into seeking him. Hebrews 11:6 TPT

Spring new life.

Faith Focused

We all have faith and we use faith everyday. I wake up with the alarm on my phone, I turn my lamp on, I start my coffee pot. I use the faucet. I unconsciensly have faith that those things will turn on and work. I go to my job I clock in and when I am done I clock out. I have faith that the hours I put into my daily job will be calculated. When payday comes around I have faith that I will be paid. Faith is working all the time.

The bible talks about faith being a seed and a seed isn’t much good unless sown in the ground. Feeding a seed with water, sunshine and the things to help it grow will produce a healthy plant. We need to feed our faith the way we would feed a plant to help it grow. So what are we feeding our faith with? We can either have faith in fear or faith in God? How is fear fed? What are you paying attention too? I know there are new headlines and new facts coming to us everyday and right now things are changing our everyday normal life sometime overnight!!

I have to admit, when news began about the virus and all that was being affected and who it was affecting was really affecting me negatively. The news and the headlines were everywhere. It was what everyone everywhere was talking about. The Facebook posts I scrolled through were so confusing and even my loved ones spoke with fear in their voices. All of that got extremely loud in my head and was trying to take my focus.

That’s when I had to make a choice to turn my focus and turn the volume up on someone greater and solid. I turned and anchored myself to God’s promises. I let the source of hope, peace and love be my ‘attention taker!’ I made God’s word louder. The hope of the message of Jesus Christ has not changed it is still for today and it needs to be our focus now more then ever!!! It’s not only a message, but an actual covenant which means ‘promise.’

Our heavenly Father gave us a promise that we will be blessed, protected, healthy, provided for etc. if we only keep Him and his word and let that be our focus. This covenant started a long time ago with Abraham. He walked blessed all the days of his life even when He came against strong enemies. He lived and walked this earth with victory because of The Blessing of God. It would have stopped working if Abraham didn’t trust in Gods word. The scripture says in Romans 4:20-21 “Abraham never wavered in believing God’s promise. In fact, his faith grew stronger and in this he brought glory to God. He was fully convinced that God is able to do whatever he promises.” In some translations it says Abraham grew strong in faith as He gave glory to God for what was promised. Just think about it, Abraham didn’t have the bible to read everyday like we do, he just took God at his word. I get into the word everyday and I read what God says about situations that are happening in the world and as I keep putting the word in my eyes and ears it brings faith. Then in the face of that which is a lie or contrary to what the word I can speak the truth. I praise God and my faith grows strong. I can with boldness and confidence speak against any situation. I will remain in peace and joy in these times by keeping my attention on the Word of God only. Let God’s word be your focus starting today.

Focus on ‘Christ in me the Hope of Glory


Growth has been on my mind. I am excited for spring to get here. I am so looking forward to seeing the snow melt, the grass and flowers that will start to grow. It’s always a blessing to see growth in myself too.

When I notice that a plant of mine has a new bud or shoot on it, I get excited because that plant is growing and I am doing something right! It’s the same with myself. When I notice that I no longer think a certain way or say something negative when I fail at something or I change a bad habit into a good one. I know I am doing something right because I’m letting the Word of God grow me and in me. If I catch myself being more watchful with my words or I stop letting quilt or offense take hold of me, it’s because I’m letting the truth of God’s word be my comeback instead. It’s powerful. It’s fun!

The gals of my church meet once a month and our Pastor for the last few months has been taking us through some inner self healing classes. We take mirrors and have to look into our eyes. We say out loud to ourselves that we love and accept ourselves etc. Let me say it’s not an easy thing because it’s surprising what comes up in our minds reasons why we shouldn’t be loving and accepting of ourselves. I can be my biggest critic of all and hold myself down by reminding myself of all my past failures and mistakes. I was also taught to put others first before myself and if I only think about myself I’m selfish. How can I love others and be forgiving and caring of others if I can’t practice this on myself first. This inner healing has helped me and my sisters in Christ see ourselves the way God created us to be. He thought He did a very good job when He created us, we are each one of his masterpieces. We are a garden and He wants to see us grow. It’s only by clearing out the junk that holds us down is when we can grow and stretch ourselves in the Lord and He wants us to grow and be closer to Him.

There will be a day this spring when the weather has warmed up enough where I will want to start uncovering the leaves off my little tiny garden patch. When I do I know that I’m going to see tiny green shoots coming up from the ground. I know by clearing away the stuff that fell on it from the autumn before it will help the the plants get the sunshine and fresh air it needs to grow big and eventually bloom. It reminds me of the movie The Secret Garden, when Mary finds the overgrown garden she thought was dead. She starts digging around and uncovers green plants growing underneath. She gets permission from her Uncle to own and tend it. She pours her heart into uncovering every square inch clearing away the old fallen foliage. That was what was preventing it from growing again. She sees to it come back to life!

So I want to encourage you to let the Word of God grow you. Take the time to clear out old hurts and failures. Let yourself be healed with God’s life and love. He see’s what He has created you to be, you are perfect in His eyes. Be healed and blessed to see yourself that way too. Praise God! Growth is awesome! Love you all. Happy Spring!

Abe likes plants and sunshine!


There is a quietness in mind that I can’t deny it’s very noticeable. I am trusting in God and worrying less. I do of course plan and think ahead, but in the present moment is where I long and choose to be instead. When I wake up on a Thursday morning I don’t want to live in the worries of Monday, that would be in vain. When I wake up in the morning I want to live and walk in the present day, come what may. My God knows what Monday looks like ahead, He wants to calm and prepare me for it now not then. He’s got the plan. I will learn to trust in him then when then happens, by choosing to trust in Him now instead. I want to be thankful now. I know I am blessed now. I want to learn and grow from this moment, this day, Now. Why fast forward and let go of the precious time in between. If I use it wisely it can make the difference of victory, laughter and joy versus failure, worry and pain . I choose now, choose now with me.

2020 writings in my daily journal

A new year, a new day with no mistakes in it. I want new changes and new thoughts of possibility. I need renewed hope, faith renewed and strengthened for all the paths and doors that lead to a plan set up when the world began. I want to attain goals and achieve victories won already through and in Christ. I only need be obedient and willing. My heart is beating with excitement expecting only good. God you are good only. There is no darkness in You. Train me, correct me as I build myself up to know what to say and to know what to do. Another year to look to You with reverential fear and wonder. Amen, Hallelujah. Amen!

2020 Here I come!

Want to share

Hi everyone, so it’s been a couple of months. I am still here just super busy. A lot of new changes in my life and some very exciting news to share at the end.

I am working 2 completely new jobs that I started this summer. The first job I needed so that I could stop traveling so far from home. I now work as a barista at a hospital cafe. I went from retail drug store to barista it’s still all about serving people which is something I really enjoy doing. Just now I serve coffee, not sell cards and gifts. I really do like the change of pace. Each morning is different. Makes daily life more interesting. So the 2nd job is actually the same thing but its at a local coffee shop. The coffee shop has a more intimate, smaller feel. It’s actually run by a christian woman who uses it as her ministry. She pumps christian music through the speakers all day, great customers, great atmosphere! It’s so fun to work at two different places doing the same job. I believe the Lord led me too both jobs , I am so thankful to God for these jobs.

So now with these two jobs, I get two paychecks. It’s helped a lot financially. However in the last few weeks I gave up some of my free time and added extra hours from both jobs and probably more then I should have. On top of all the hours I was pulling at these jobs, I still spend a lot a time serving at my church. I have to admit I was getting stretched and somewhat stressed. What was more frustrating then that was that my devotions in the mornings seemed more rushed and routine rather then refreshing and encouraging because I start work really early in the morning. Sometimes I would work one job then change and work the other job. Then after that spend a few more hours at church and would not be home until like 9 pm. I would be exhausted by the time I got home, so instead of getting into the restorative word of God. And nothing can restore you like the word! I would get distracted by social media or watching YouTube. I would end up going to bed thinking about what all I had to do the next day and not be in peace at all.

You know if Satan can keep you from God’s Word your basically a sitting duck for his attacks. All of which can be avoided by keeping your faith built on God’s promises and who He has made you to be. I am not completely out of the water yet because I am scheduled quite a bit at the hospital cafeteria until the end of this month. However I have been making sure that I put the word of God and quality time into my devotions first before other distractions, and so I have a higher level of peace. Plus not to mention my pastor gave an awesome sermon on Sunday and my faith has risen! So instead of seeing and reacting to stress that comes; I can and will see it as more opportunities to look to God, my unconditionally loving Father. So by knowing and drawing on His love and who he calls me to be. He calls me Victorious, Able to overcome, Strong in Him and the power of His might, Loved, Blessed. So when those situations that come that try to tear me down I will cover them with the awesome love and power of God instead. Then the stress that would weigh me down otherwise becomes lighter then air. I am gonna fly right through these next weeks. Hallelujah!!! Praise God!!!!

Speaking of flying!!! So my exciting news to announce…I am taking a missions trip to Haiti. There will be nine of us flying to Haiti at the end of the year. We plan to bring our children’s program there which is filled with puppet skits, pirate skits games and of course the love of Jesus to bring joy to the kids that live there. We will be helping a group called Haiti Mama. One of their great many things they do is they help create jobs so moms can financially support their children who otherwise have to be given to foster care!! My church and I are fund raising for our airfare, accommodations and to be able to bless the Haiti Mama Mission and the children. I am attaching a link to our gofundme page below and also I would encourage you to look up Haiti mama. org. Thanks so much and God Bless.

Never doubt God’s mighty power to work in you and accomplish all this. He will achieve and do infinitely more then your greatest request, your most unbelievable dream and exceed your wildest imagination. He will outdo them all for His miraculous power constantly energizes you. Ephesians 3:20 TPT